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Planned giving, bequests, deferred giving, legacy gifts are terms to describe the mode of donating through estate-planning vehicles such as trusts and wills. Planned giving provides a number of benefits to the donor, including significant tax incentives, the opportunity to specify how the funds will be used, and the ability support a cause without effecting the donor’s current financial situation (since most planned giving takes effect after the life of the donor). A bequest is 100% deductible from a donor’s estate and can reduce potential estate taxes. Certain planned giving vehicles also enable the donor to ensure that his or her heirs will be financially provided for, while supporting a charitable organization such as the ASO. If you are considering planned giving to the ASO, we suggest you work with an attorney and tax advisor to design the most beneficial program for you, your family, and the ASO. To confidentially discuss planned giving to ASO, contact the President or an Officer of the Society.

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